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A 30 minute or 1 hour bespoke workout for new mums or mummys to be. Our antenatal and postnatal exercise specialists prepare fun sessions where mums can show up and work up a sweat. Every workout can be customised to fit a person's needs and to suit their level of fitness. For kids ages 0 to 4, both movers and non-movers we have toys available to keep them entertained. You can work out stress free without having to worry about child care in our safe state-of-the-art facilities.

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Naturally, you might not feel like yourself after nine months of significant bodily change. The fact is that everything can seem overwhelming if you're not feeling well.

This is normal and natural, but fortunately the power of exercise and your personal trainer's company can help you gradually start acclimating to your new role and life.

We will assist you in scheduling your much-needed alone time each week so you can function normally even on the drowsiest of days. Because a happy mother leads to a happy family, as we all know.

Frequently asked questions

How long after given birth can I begin exercising with you?

If you have given birth naturally you will have needed to have completed your 6-week Doctor's check.

If you have given birth by emergency C-section this time could be longer, again you will need to complete your 6-week Doctor's check and take onboard their advice in regards to beginning exercise again.

How many training sessions do you recommend after giving birth?

We would recommend 2 to 3 30 minute sessions to begin with and based on progress we would look to increase this when we feel the time is right to.

Can you come to me and train me in my own home?

Yes, however additional charges will apply to factor in the time and travel for our PTs.

Am I able to bring my baby to the training session?

Of course, you are more than welcome to bring your baby. Are facilities are safe and baby friendly, or if you prefer we can come to you (additional charges do apply).


You are required to pay a non-refundable 20% deposit to secure bookings for ALL of our services.

At G&G Fitness we operate a strict  no refund policy, which means that any transaction that is processed through our website will NOT be refunded. Please avoid this by taking extra care when booking one of our services.

Feel free to contact us for any deposit or refund queries at:

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Are abs made in the kitchen?

Certain foods can boost metabolism, enhance fat burning, and keep you feeling full between meals. Meanwhile, others contribute little more than extra calories and sugar, increasing your risk of weight gain and excess body fat.

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