Laura B

Laura B

"After having my two child and going through a difficult separation, I no longer put myself first, I struggled to find the time to exercise and take care of myself."

Why did you want to start exercising?

I was at a point where everything was getting on top of me, and I needed a release. I was going through a divorce, bringing up 2 children and suffering underlying health issues due to losing an organ not too long ago.

When did you start personal training with Sophie at Glutes & Gut Fitness Ipswich?

I started training with Sophie at the beginning of this year, 2023.

How did personal training at Glutes & Gut Fitness Ipswich improve your physical health?

Just look at my transformation photos, they say a picture says a thousand words!

How did personal training at Glutes & Gut Fitness Ipswich improve your mental health?

Words cannot describe how much it has improved my mental wellbeing, especially having gone through what I was at the time. Exercising with Sophie was my escapism!

Did you achieve your desired goals training with Glutes & Gut Fitness Ipswich?

I exceeded them.

Do you think the lifestyle and health changes that you have learned with Glutes & Gut Fitness are sustainable?

Yes, my goals are realistic, my eating plan is realistic and the benefits I have already experienced motivate me to continue.

Would you recommend Glutes & Gut Fitness Ipswich as a personal training provider and private gym?

The whole experience for me has almost been a reawakening, I cannot recommend and vouch for Sophie enough. Where I am now I owe it to her! Thank you Sophie x



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