Progression Not Perfection

As well as providing you with access to a private state-of-the-art gym, G&G Fitness delivers bespoke workout guides, personalised nutrition plans, indoor & outdoor bootcamps/team training, specialise in antenatal & postnatal exercise and provide professional advice on mental health & well-being.

Sophie Pitman - PT, Mumma & Online coach.

A level 3 PT with REPS and 15 years experience in the sports & fitness industry, Sophie Pitman specialises in HIIT, antenatal & postnatal exercise whilst providing a state-of-the-art safe-space for everybody to train in.

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  • Emma N

    "After having my first child I needed a personal trainer that was going to understand my needs not just the changes i wanted to make!"

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  • Jackie F

    "After lockdown and becoming a grandmother I knew I wanted to become fit and healthy! Going through the menopause has always made this difficult."

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  • Laura B

    "After having 2 children and going through a difficult separation, I no longer put myself first, I struggled to find the time to exercise and take care of myself."

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Our promise(s)

"Is to provide a safe-space where everyone can express themselves, exercise comfortably & exercise confidently. We will deliver an inclusive & relatable approach which demonstrates that anything is possible through hard work, perseverance and dedication and that everyone has the capacity to be the best version of themselves."