Sophie Pitman

From a young age I was an active individual; competing and winning multiple cross-country competitions were among my first achievements in sport.

The decline begins.

Growing up and navigating adolescence are where things started to take a turn for me. I was picking up bad habits and making terrible decisions. Towards the latter stages my mental health deteriorated, and my weight dropped rapidly. I had lost my confidence and had zero self-esteem. No matter how much my family helped, and my friends supported me I just wasn't the person that everyone had once known.

After months of decline I finally sought help through the NHS, this came with a lot of knock backs, however I discovered my own form of therapy, the GYM.

Turning my life around.

I began to train daily, simply completing short exercise sessions. These days soon turned in to weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. My appetite returned, my body looked great, and my mental health had vastly improved. This was ALL through exercise combined with a nutritional diet and balanced lifestyle.

Roll on today, I am a qualified Level 3 PT with REPS, have over 15 years’ experience in Sport and a range of disciplines, and I am a single Mumma to 2 beautiful children. I have never felt better!!

Having the ability to help others.

Going through the tough period shaped my character and has given me the strength and independence to be the person I am today. It has allowed me to help a great number of individuals that have had their own struggles and helped them change their lives for the better.

As an experienced Personal trainer and respected fitness influencer, I know what it takes to help you achieve your goals and provide life-changing results. It’s my mission to motivate and inspire you to live an active lifestyle. With my bespoke fitness and nutrition plans I’ve helped men and women from all ages and sizes reach their fitness goals.

My open and relatable approach aims to show everyone that through hard work, consistency, and dedication anything is possible, and everyone has the potential to be the best version of themselves.

Why I became a personal trainer?

Using the gym to recover from a bad period in my life, ignited my passion for fitness. It pushed me in a positive direction to not only help myself but to help others also.

My life experiences have taught me how powerful fitness can be to promote a positive impact on the mind whilst providing a platform to become a superior version of yourself. Fitness is the best unprescribed medication that is readily available to everybody.

As a personal trainer I aim for progression, not perfection. This enables my clients to experience phenomenal benefits physically and mentally when embarking on their own personal journeys whilst also remaining realistic.

Achieving personal goals through training will boost your confidence and self-esteem. The regular release of endorphins is an indescribable feeling that everyone should experience.

Along the way I have re-educated, concentrating my time on mental health. I have worked as a mental health support worker whilst enhancing my personal training qualifications, concentrating on specialist skills. This has turned wat once was a passion into a successful career resulting in becoming the best version of myself. This is just the beginning.


Level 3 PT with REPS.

Specialist in antenatal & postnatal exercises.

Specialist in HIIT exercise.

15 years’ experience in sports & fitness, with a range of disciplines.