Lauren W

Lauren W

Why did you want to start exercising?

I started working with Sophie because I really wanted to start feeling like ‘me’ again. I’d had two children and heaps of clothes that no longer fitted me.

When did you start personal training with Sophie at Glutes & Gut Fitness Ipswich?

I had been through a really difficult 5 months and working with Sophie was exactly what I needed! 

How did personal training at Glutes & Gut Fitness Ipswich improve your physical health?

I’ve lost almost a stone, and now fit into all of my pre baby clothes which I genuinely never thought would be possible!

How did personal training at Glutes & Gut Fitness Ipswich improve your mental health?

I feel like myself again!

Did you achieve your desired goals training with Glutes & Gut Fitness Ipswich?

I’m so pleased with my progress and can’t begin to thank Sophie enough

Do you think the lifestyle and health changes that you have learned with Glutes & Gut Fitness are sustainable?

Definitely! I’ve never been one to ‘diet’ but Sophie very quickly taught me that it was more about the choices I made. This method really worked well for me (and my husband who benefited from my food plan too!).

Would you recommend Glutes & Gut Fitness Ipswich as a personal training provider and private gym?

Soph has been SO supportive and I totally recommend to her to anyone.

Lauren W

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