Emma W

Emma W

Why did you want to start exercising?

To help me lose weight after having my second baby. Having trained with Sophie throughout my pregnancy I wanted to continue my journey after the birth.

When did you start personal training with Sophie at Glutes & Gut Fitness Ipswich?

I trained with Sophie from the beginning of my pregnancy until 39 weeks and went back to training as soon as the doctors gave me the go ahead

How did personal training at Glutes & Gut Fitness Ipswich improve your physical health?

Training at G&G throughout my pregnancy meant that I felt more comfortable throughout and kept healthy and active for my baby. I believe by training with Sophie throughout it led to a smoother labour and quicker post part in recovery. 

How did personal training at Glutes & Gut Fitness Ipswich improve your mental health?

Training with Sophie since having my second baby has helped me both physically and mentally, gaining back my confidence and strengthening my core to feel ‘me’ again.

Did you achieve your desired goals training with Glutes & Gut Fitness Ipswich?

Through training with G&G since having my second baby I have achieved all the goals I set and more. I have closed my DR gap and dropped 1 stone 4lbs in weight, 4 dress sizes and 19.5 inches across my body. 

Do you think the lifestyle and health changes that you have learned with Glutes & Gut Fitness are sustainable?

I’m able to continue working on my physical and mental health by following the G&G meal plan and continuing with regular training sessions, I manage this around 2 young children and a full time job, it’s super sustainable and Sophie is so motivating.

Would you recommend Glutes & Gut Fitness Ipswich as a personal training provider and private gym?

I cannot recommend Sophie at G&G enough, she is so incredibly supportive and inspiring and makes achieving your goals fun and enjoyable. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my fitness journey.
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