Outdoor Bootcamp - Read More

Here are 3 key components to our outdoor Bootcamp sessions:


One of the finest ways to get fit, burn calories, and quickly lose body fat is through interval training. Interval training is a key component of bootcamp programs, so anticipate sprinting or running (depending on your skill level) interspersed with activities like skipping, boxing, leaping, and plyometrics.

Bodyweight Exercise

Due to the lack of equipment in bootcamp programs, you will have to rely on your own bodyweight for resistance. Expect to perform exercises like walking lunges, press-ups, planks, and sit-ups using only your own body weight. You will always have the choice to scale exercises up or down, and you will be urged to work at your own pace (while improving each week, of course!).


Our Bootcamp instructors know that weight training is crucial if you want to reduce fat and tone up. Despite the fact that you won't be utilising barbells or gym equipment, you should anticipate doing resistance training in a bootcamp session. Exercises using your own body weight will be essential, but you can also add weight to your routine with resistance bands or modest hand weights.