Emma-New Mummy

I first started personal training with Sophie 10 weeks after the birth of my first baby. I had gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and wanted help to try and lose it, but also to regain strength in my stomach muscles and close my diastasis recti. I was really lacking confidence and didn’t believe I would be able to do it with a young baby/being unsure how to do it. I had always struggled to lose a few pounds - let alone anything more significant! - Fast forward a couple months and I lost my first stone - all thanks to Sophie - she is knowledgeable, motivating but also so supportive too, particularly when there were a couple weeks where I hadn’t made the progress I wanted too.I genuinely cannot thank Sophie enough - she has made me realise I can keep on track whilst living my life and helped form habits that I will continue even once I have reached my weight goal. Cannot recommend her enough.